About Me

I'm a 5th and final year PhD candidate in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. This year (AY 23/24) I'm on the job market, looking for postdocs. I do accessibility research, blending my computer science, design, and disability studies backgrounds to explore ways that technology can be designed to align with disability politics and social worlds. My dissertation research explores how communication technology, specifically captioning, could be redesigned to encourage mixed ability groups to take a collective approach to accessibility.

ejm249 [at] uw [dot] edu

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Last updated: May 2024

Selected Publications

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Teaching Experience




CSCW Student Volunteer; October 2023

ASSETS 2022 Virtual Co-Chair; November 2021-October 2022

UAW #4121 Contract Enforcement; January 2021-Present

HCDE PhD Student Research Grant Reviewer; April 2022-Present

PhD Student Ambassador; October 2021-Present

PhD Application Review; December 2020-Present

Girls Who Code Facilitator; September 2021-June 2022

Admitted PhD Student Days Coordinator; March 2019-Present

Selected Invited Talks/Panels

University of Washington Foundation Board; April 2024

Disability Studies Working Group, Northwestern Medicine; January 2024

Methods in HCI Accessibility Research, Northeastern University; September 2023

Advanced Topics in Accessibilty, University of Michigan; September 2023

CSE-P 590 - The Future of Accessible Technology; University of Washington ; February 2023

CSCI 327 - Inclusive Technology Design, Oberlin College ; February 2023

AccessComputing Webinar - Considerations for Technology Design For People with Chronic Illnesses; January 2023

Access Lunch, Carnegie Mellon University; December 2023

UW Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering Accessibility Colloquium; November 2022

Accessibility, HCI, and Aging Group, University of Michigan; April 2022, October 2022, January 2023

HCDE 515 and 315 - Accessiblity and Inclusive Design, University of Washington; April 2022, October 2022, January 2023

Society for Disability Studies 2021 Conference; April 2021

HCI 05499 - Special Topics in HCI: Accessibility, Carnegie Mellon University; March 2021